Zentveld’s Introduces Plastic Free Paper Cups
Posted: 21 Jan 2020
Bringing flavour and life to Byron Bay cafe scene, Zentveld’s is a roastery and plantation with a proud reputation for offering newly Australian estate coffee that promotes sustainability and ethical practices.


Coffee cups are estimated to be the second-largest contributor of waste after plastic bottles. Standard paper cups feature a thin plastic or bioplastic lining, and require specialist recycling as it is not easily recyclable. Zentveld’s continues to take steps in becoming an environmentally responsible business, and were looking for a takeaway cup to support their sustainable objectives.


Zentveld’s have now joined efforts to make a difference by taking on Castaway® plastic free paper cups and committing to diverting takeaway cups from landfill. Wanting their cups to be easily identified and recyclable, opting for Plastic Free Paper Cups was a sustainable option, with the cups able to be recycled within current waste streams.

Quote from Rebecca Zentveld, Owner & Roastmistress,

Available in two sizes (8 and 12 oz)
Available in two sizes (8 and 12 oz), plastic free paper cups are now being trialled at Zentveld’s Roastery and Suffolk Bakery, ready for their select cafes across Australia.
The Corner Life & Style Store and Café
The Corner Life & Style Store and Café – an excellent Zentveld’s representative, has enjoyed a reputation for quality in Tenterfield. The café serves the very best of 100% Australian grown estate coffee – allowing them to flourish even through difficult times.

Plastic-free cup features


Providing an environmentally friendly and viable alternative to standard coffee cups, the barrier layer of the cup is a high performance, water-based dispersion coating, meaning it won’t compromise on strength when consuming coffee on the go.

Also – being plastic free and 100% recyclable, this range gives consumers the ability to dispose and recycle through co-mingled collection, no matter where they travel to.

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Castaway Plastic-free Cups
Castaway® plastic free cups uses special technology to remove the plastic lining. Both the cups and the lids can be recycled through the existing co-mingled recycling system.*