Winners of World’s Richest Barista Competition 2016
Posted: 22 Apr 2016


Hosted at Fine Food QLD at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 10th – 12th April, the World’s Richest Barista Competition challenged 16 teams of baristas as they reproduce the pressure behind the scenes of great espresso bars from around the world. Teams were required to deliver three things – fast service, excellent presentation and great tasting beverages.


The competition’s dynamic format showcased the talent and energy of some of the world’s best baristas. Watch the championship bout again between Espresso Room and Brew Crew at WRBC Championship Stint in Video.


Pool prize for the winners…

1st Prize $25,000 Cash + $10,000 Advertising Package for Team Sponsor
2nd Prize $10,000 Cash
3rd Prize – $5,000 Cash


Only the best of the best survive…



1st Place – Espresso Room (by ONA Coffee)


2nd Place – Brew Crew (by Di Bella’s Coffee)


3rd Place – Natvia Sweet Team


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