Winter Warmers
Posted: 23 Jun 2021


We are heading into the Winter months and cafes and restaurants across the city are introducing mouth-watering, seasonal to cater to the cooler weather. We can’t speak for everyone here, but when Winter comes around, there is nothing more appealing than skipping table service, and indulging in our favourite Winter warmers, from a local restaurant in the comfort of our own home.

We have compiled a short list of popular Winter dishes and the best packaging to serve them in – they will come in handy when your orders spike as the mercury drops.

Limiting your packaging choices to 3 or 4 different items can save on costs as well as space, and your staff will be more familiar with assembly if any is required – making your takeaway menu streamlined as your dine-in.

Our team can help you with all your packaging needs. We’ve also considered what types of protection your food items will need to preserve them – The fresher the product, the more customers will enjoy it!