We’ve given Enviroboard™ a fresh new look
Posted: 26 Oct 2021


In the course of the company’s history, spanning over 40 years not only has Castaway® brand been changed – their product designs have also been modified to help them stay fresh and relevant.

Castaway® Food Packaging are always evolving and reinvigorating the iconic brand, as we focus on the brand’s ability to be distinctive, memorable and meaningful. All Enviroboard™ products will have a brand new product image – leading the way, will be the range of clams.

The new Enviroboard™ clams feature a more earthy finish, and a kraft brown colour. This visual makeover was made to reflect current trends. Enviroboard™ food packaging range has been a part of the Australian takeaway and meal delivery landscape for as long as many of us can remember.

It simply needed to be refreshed to better fit today’s definition of eco-friendly, natural, and that’s as much about product aesthetic as it is about product performance and lifecycle.

What are the benefits?

Our Enviroboard™ range is made from sugarcane bagasse – the fibrous material left in the production of sugarcane, our Enviroboard™ range has been designed with performance and sustainability in mind. It includes clams, plates, bowls and containers (with recyclable clear lids) – known to have fulfilled their needs to customers who love their dependable performance, aesthetic and sustainability.

Our products’ sustainability sets the standards for most consumers on today’s environmentally conscious age. With single-use plastic bans currently being discussed and legislated around Australia and New Zealand, more and more brands are turning towards eco-friendly products. To find out about the
latest regulation updates, head over to our blog here.


How does your business benefit by using Enviroboard™ takeaway packaging?

Once you switch to food packaging made from eco-friendly materials, you promote an environmentally friendly image that inspires trust in your business.

Here’s some of the benefits:

  • Better Brand Image – A brand should always be conscious of the concernsof its customers. More and more brands choose to be as sustainable as possible to reflect the growing concern about issues such as climate change and environmental pollution.
  • Customer Loyalty – Customers who seek to do their bit for the planet will always stay loyal to a brand that is environmentally conscious.
  • Competitive Advantage – Many studies show consumers prefer environmentally conscious brands over their competitors. Using sustainable products will give your brand an exceptional edge over the competition.
  • Added Customer Base – Going sustainable will automatically draw the attention of consumers that are pro-environment. By using Enviroboard® home compostable products, you can easily draw more attention to your business.


* Certified Industrially compostable to EN13432. Certified home compostable to OK compost HOME


The new Enviroboard™ range of clams is currently available in Australia, and expected to roll out to the New Zealand market by the end of this year.

We offer a wide range of food packaging supplies, which includes paper bags, paper cups, cold cups, trays and cleaning supplies designed to cater to all of your packaging business needs. We take great pride in offering eco-friendly alternatives to custom branding solutions.

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