Send someone a gift… of coffee!
Posted: 10 Aug 2021


Coffee is no laughing matter to Australians, which means quality beans and brewing kits are a home necessity.

In a time when things are so up and down, getting a little surprise in the mail can mean the world to someone else. Whether there’s a birthday on the horizon, or maybe you’ve notice a friend has been feeling a little down, a coffee gift pack might just be the pick-me-up they need. And hey, there’s no one saying you can’t send one to yourself, too!

We are proud of our coffee culture, the quality and standards that we have set for ourselves and the rest of the world recognises that.

Thankfully, along with quality beans, Australian-made packaging options in whatever sizes designed for your ideal preparation, storage, and transportation are always available to you – these are the cream to the crop.


CASTAWAY® WINDOW PLATTERSMade from sustainably sourced brown kraft paper, our Window Platters feature a snap-on, clear lid options – providing quality and style, and showcase your beautiful treats and gifts recipients will surely love!



COFFEE BAGSYou can now recreate the café experience from the comfort of your customer’s home or office with our range of coffee bags. Check out the range, the possibilities are endless when your customers are becoming their own barista.

Bags are individually packed and heat sealed to ensure ease of preparation, convenience and to keep your beans fresh between brews.


NEED SOME FOOD TO GO WITH THAT DELIVERY COFFEE?Check out our range of food packaging.