People Eat with Their Eyes: 5 Key Benefits of Using Clear Packaging
Posted: 1 Aug 2016

Why is packaging so important? Because people eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouths.

Before a customer sits down to eat something, they need to buy it and if the food is displayed or packaged in an unappealing way, it may never reach their mouth.

As consumers we like to be able to see the food inside the container, we want to see if the product looks appealing. This is why clear, well-designed packaging is an emerging trend for pre-packaged food both in retail (on the supermarket shelves) and in foodservice for pre-made takeaway meals.

Clear packaging gives customers confidence that owners are being ‘transparent,’ confident enough in the quality of their food to let them see right through the packaging.

There are five key benefits of using clear packaging:

1. People “eat with their eyes”

If it looks like it tastes good, there’s a good chance it will.

2. Transparency

People will see what you are selling before they taste it. So, have the packaging help sell the food for you. If your food is appealing it will sell itself, clear packaging and/or clear lids would work well.

3. Make sure it has a secure lid

For any food, you want to make sure that the container will withstand some shaking, bumping and turning.

4. Shelf life

Good packaging not only displays your products but also keeps them fresh. Make sure food containers have an airtight lid.

5. Recyclability

The Australian recycling system is built to collect plastics, especially PET (1) plastics. This material is recyclable in all locations in the standard collection bins.

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