New Serv-Rite® One-at-a-time Napkin Dispenser
Posted: 15 Dec 2015


Make the switch to a cost-effective & hygienic Napkin Dispenser!

‪Serv-Rite® napkins are designed for one-at-a-time dispensing which minimises overuse and waste. The dispenser features transparent side panels which are designed to hold customised card inserts for your in-house promotions. You can even take your message mobile by custom printing the napkins.

Cost Effective and Efficient

  • The one-at-a-time dispensing design ensures that customers use fewer napkins.
  • Thanks to the transparent side panels, the consumption level can be monitored, and the dispenser can be refilled easily and quickly only when necessary.


  • Serv-Rite™ dispensers ensure hygiene benefits as the customer only touches the napkin taken.
  • Small dispenser opening helps prevent further risk of cross-contamination

Environmentally Conscious

  • Serv-Rite™ napkins eliminate over-serving, helping you to minimise waste.


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