New Envirocutlery Combo Pack
Posted: 27 Nov 2020

Product features

Sturdy and sanded to a smooth finish, these wooden utensils are comfortable to use. Made from sustainably sourced FSC certified birchwood, our Envirocutlery range provides a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic, and can be home composted after use.

Ideal for all catering events

A great zero-waste alternative to single-use plastic cutlery, while having your lunch break, being on the road or camping, this set is the perfect solution where plastic isn’t an option.


• Street food stalls • Festivals & special events • Cafes & restaurants                                                                                     • Private & corporate functions • Picnics • Hospitals

Legislation changes

Regulations for the use of single-plastics are driving the demand for more sustainable alternative products.
In South Australia, incoming legislation will see a single use plastic ban, including the immediate ban, which covers items such as plastic straws and cutlery.

While many other states all have current policies or consultations underway on proposals to phase out certain single-use plastics, awareness about the persistent presence and threat of microplastics in the environment has also grown significantly over the past few years. Microplastics are small plastic pieces less than fine millimetres long that cause significant damage to natural habitats and wildlife.

Be part of the solution

The existing range includes: forks, knifes, table spoons, teaspoons, and chopsticks – giving you the flexibility to pick the right cutlery to accommodate your menu.

Eco-friendly cutlery and dinnerware are in high demand among commercial facilities. Aided by the high degree of sanitisation offered by single-use products, this factor has increased the demand for these products in both cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and hospitals.

Making this switch to Envirocutlery combo pack is a practical and easy move as it comes without the feeling of making any extra effort to be zero-waste. Made from uncoated birchwood fibre, you can simply compost the utensils after use, and the paper can be disposed via your recycling bin.