Join #iwantaCastawayPack Photo Contest
Posted: 15 Dec 2015


Have these Castaway products for FREE! Join the #iwantaCastawayPack photo contest.

This contest is open to all Castaway users that want to take home these popular products which includes Enviroboard® Paper Plates, Elegance® Napkins and Glasses, Stretch’n’Seal® Cling Wrap, Caterer Foil, Easy-Pick® Heavy Duty Wipes, and so much more…

How to enter
1. Follow Castaway Food Packaging on Instagram.
2. Post a NEW photo or REGRAM an existing one showing us your favourite Castaway product. This can be anything from beverage cups, takeaway containers, trays, bowls, etc. Photos that were posted before the contest start date will not be eligible to win.
3. Use the hashtag #iwantaCastawayPack. That’s it! You’ll automatically be entered and your photo will be displayed in our Instagram gallery. Creativity is on you!

Yes, I want a Castaway Pack!

Winner will be announced first week of every month.