Eat, drink & be merry! | Top 5 Christmas-inspired catering essentials
Posted: 24 Oct 2018
There is a huge opportunity for catering operators to grow their sales during Christmas and New Year, whether it’s by adding Christmas-inspired hot drinks to the menu or hosting special Christmas events.

Here are five of our favourite picks this season

1 Napkin

A simple way to create a magical Christmas table is to use red or green napkins. Tailored to suit all budgets and styles, our biodegradable collection of “Christmas” napkins are designed to provide catering operators and food-service professionals with everything they need to make the Christmas dining experience memorable for their customers.

We offer a wide range of solutions and can help you this Christmas with any packaging requirements – from lunch to dinner, to cocktail or happy hours and everything in between.

Our Elegance® range of napkins add a note of fun and glamour to your table setting, perfect for a hassle-free Christmas celebration!


Elegance® Dinner Napkins

Mix and match colours such as pine green and red for a fantastic Christmas party. Measuring 400 x 400mm, Elegance® 2 ply napkins come in a wide range of colours to suit your specific needs and complement the décor of any establishment.


  • Embossed surface
  • Heavy-weight feel
  • Wide range of colours to suit any décor or setting
  • Great softness & absorbency


Elegance® Cocktail Napkins, Quarter Fold

Thinking of hosting a social cocktail event for your end-of-year gathering?

Make sure your wait team places cocktail napkins on their serving trays to be handed to guests with their appetisers and drinks.


  • High quality & absorbent
  • Comes in a range of modern, classic colours


2. Table Covers

Table covers make any dining occasion feel more special, and create a lovely canvas for your food. They also protect your tables, meaning less cleaning, better hygiene and more time for your guests.

Whether you are looking to creating a Winter wonderland, a gorgeous coastal Christmas or a rustic natural Christmas theme throughout your space, our range of Parego® table covers are made for mixing and matching with the rest of our Tabletops® collection.

Table Covers

number 3_placemats

Parego® Place Mats

Whether you choose a white scalloped edge (and pair it with a red or green napkin), or a Ritz-edge placemat, and add your own decorative touches, your table is sure to contribute to the Christmas spirit in your café or business.

Embossed for a premium look and feel, this range will appeal to a broad range of customers and settings.

4. Wine Glasses & Tasters

Keep expensive and fragile stemware safe from breaking by switching to Elegance® wine glasses! From Tropical Punch to Champagne Mimosa, make sure you have the right festive drink to serve.

Elegance® Wine Glasses

Champagne flutes are a must have for nearly any event or party! Elegance® champagne flutes feature a stylish design including stems, high transparency and a trendy shape.

5. Beer Cups

Let your guests and customers enjoy a glass of icy cold beer! Our Eco-smart® Beer Cups are made from recyclable polypropylene offering excellent clarity and crack resistance – they make an excellent and safe choice for promotional events.


They are weights and measures approved for alcohol service, and will help your business meet its sustainability goals with the biodegrading technology in each cup.

Brand Builders® Custom-Printing

Make your tabletops and drinkware work a little harder with Brand Builders® custom-printing. This is an effective way to promote your brand and reinforce your image. For a small investment they make a great impact.



Our in-house experts can create a design that is perfectly suited to your business or industry – traditional, contemporary, humorous or classic… the possibilities are endless!

For more information or to place an order, please contact MPM Marketing Services.

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