BRKFST found the perfect bowl with EcoSmart®
Posted: 21 Feb 2020


BRKFST’ homemade breakfast bowl, an early pioneer in the small batch world, has inspired so many others. After years of sharing her grandparents’ recipes with their valued customers at local farmers’ markets on the Sunshine Coast, BRKFST are proud to be taking their operations to the next level.EcoSmart Food Bowls

Family tradition, new culinary trends and utilising the freshest seasonal ingredients make BRKFST a true taste experience. While the family-owned business now has a wider product selection, the heart of their missions is the same: They produce delicious and naturally healthy meals that exceed customers’ desire to lead an environmentally-conscious lifestyle.



Since its foundation, BRKFST has always been concerned about environmental issues and continues to take steps in reducing their environmental impact. Katie, BRKFST owner was looking for a packaging that is strong, durable and recyclable. With a menu of seasonal choices ranging from wheat free, dairy free and gluten free options, the snacks are a slam dunk when it comes to taste. But Katie wanted to feel as good about her packaging as she does the product inside.


To keep up with the growing popularity of convenience breakfast options, BRKFST has stopped doing markets, expanded its range and focused on wholesale channels.

Castaway® worked with BRKFST, presenting a range of takeaway packaging solutions. After having tested multiple packaging options, BRKFST settled on EcoSmart® bowls pretty quickly.

The containers are made of 30% recycled PET plastic, and are recyclable. Being crystal clear, the bowls offer stunning presentation for supermarket shelves, café and deli counters, event catering, corporate delivery, etc.




Sizes available range from 8 oz (227 ml) to 48 oz (1364 ml), the bowls are ideal for merchandising and serving cold food while making eating on-the-go easier.


The bowls offer secure transport for both caterers and restaurant operators to deliver to their customers. They remain intact even after a day or two later after use.

Recycled Breakfast Bowls Diagram


Katie believes we eat with our eyes, so she wanted to use the fresh local fruits backed with organic grains and seeds to sell her product. Also wanting her branding to be as visible and memorable as her creations, the round-shaped lids offer her a graphic area to promote the brand. Made from high clarity PET, EcoSmart® bowls can be refrigerated, and have an important element of design that enhances the look and freshness of your products while inspiring impulse buys.

Today, BRKFST bowls are sold in roughly 80 cafes, espresso bars and food stores between Noosa and South Brisbane. Our customers can eat the meal, and recycle the bowls through existing co-mingled recycling systems*, for a cleaner end-of-life.



Round stickers are ideal for customising products with a company logo, tag line, or other information.
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