Australia’s increasing appetite for street food
Posted: 8 Oct 2018

Australia’s increasing appetite for street food

It would seem that eating inside a bricks-and-mortar restaurant is not the favoured place to eat these days. The food truck trend has swept across every state, from regional cities such as Ballarat to metropolis like Melbourne. Food markets have been popping up (and down) over different neighbourhoods and this juicy food trend is here to stay!

The culture of street food

Consumers love it because it’s authentic and they can be assured their food is being cooked and served safely, as this is often done in front of them.

As more and more cuisines come on-trend, consumers’ tastes continue to develop and this is a demand street vendors and city councils recognise.

Food vans are a versatile, fun and practical way to tempt people’s tastebuds with a unique food menu. Go to a festival and the food vans will be there. Head to a major sporting event, community gathering or even the centre of town on a Friday night and the chances are you’ll see the vans parked, smell the tantalising aroma and watch as people rush to sample their creations.

Convenience above all

Eating on the run can be tricky. Great food needs quality food packaging supplies to serve in and that’s where our team at Castaway® Food Packaging can assist.

Make it easy for your consumers with our Sealpak® range of food pails and RediServe® trays! Both ranges are made from responsibly sourced, high quality food-grade paper board, and are recyclable – offering a great solution for any food vendor looking to reduce their environmental impact.

A range for every flavour

Walking through market stalls and, most recently, Eat Street Northshore we’re always delighted to see the innovative ways our customers have been using our products to serve up their delicious treats.

Whether you’re serving up piping hot chips, terrific tacos, audacious stir fries, a gourmet hamburger, a steak sanga or a dessert – a RediServe® tray is your solution.

Continuing through the seafront area, we’ve also seen our Sealpak® pails filled with Japanese Chicken Karaage & Rice. Get your hands on some local barramundi – crumbed or grilled. Need we go on?

Whether you decide to go with our range of Sealpak® food pails or RediServe® trays (or both) – the products are truly versatile, and ideal for serving a wide variety of food… the possibilities are endless!

Efficiency at all costs

Consumers of every age bracket are documenting their opinions and the details of their food truck orders with selfies, tweets and posts. This puts a little more pressure on today’s vendors to connect with modern consumers and still fit functionality and sustainability with style in their offerings.

Packaging is expected to deliver compactness and durable barrier protection, all while maintaining the lowest carbon footprint.

Sealpak® food pails and RediServe® trays are suitable for both hot and cold food, and are leak-resistant. As vendors have come to expect, not only are their designs aesthetically pleasing, but they are also easy to store, stack, serve, and carry.

Sustainability top-of-mind

You may think this demand only relates to food, however packaging is now an issue many people are taking note of.

Due to numerous high-profile campaigns in the news on environmentally focused issues, consumers are now also conscious of the environmental impact of the packaging they’re using. The
spotlight is on items like coffee cups, plastic straws and foam takeaway clams.

As the impact of packaging grows, products that include recyclable materials offer a compromise that can benefit both the consumer and the environment.

Paper – a Top Pick for recyclable packaging

Paper – a Top Pick for recyclable packaging

There needs to be a change in mindset in how we handle waste and source materials for our products and packaging. As a manufacturer, we have a responsibility to do something different. To achieve this, all paper material for the manufacture of products in MPM facilities is sourced from sustainable, managed plantations both locally and overseas.

At MPM Marketing Services, we believe a truly sustainable approach is not just about using renewable materials and committing to responsible, low-impact manufacture, but is also about ensuring packaging is easy for consumers to recycle.

That’s why our Sealpak® food pails and RediServe® trays are produced with material that is sustainable and renewable, and are recyclable throughout Australia.


Spice up your packaging!

As consumer attention spans shrink, it’s becoming more important than ever for street food vendors to think outside the box and relay their branding messages as clearly and as quickly as possible – through packaging.

Make it interesting and spice up your packaging with a custom sticker, label, stamp, ribbon, note, or anything else that can bring a bit of personality to your package. Your customer will appreciate the small gesture.

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