Australian-made drives community resilience
Posted: 19 Apr 2021
2021 has marked a fresh start for a host of businesses which are finally back operating.

From a old-new pub, to cafes and restaurants, accommodation providers, there was plenty of cheer as businesses (re)opened their doors across the Border River region after months of lockdowns.

One of the businesses to throw its door open was Flock. Located in the small town of Mungindi, their mission is built on creating a welcoming place for a coffee with the hope of reigniting community spirit.

Now the name Mungindi may ring a bell in your mind for a number of reasons.

You may have heard it in the news of late due to it being hit hard by flood waters after years of drought; waters so high that it was blocked off from surrounding towns including its neighbour and nearest services hub, Moree.

You may also know Mungindi because last year much of their main street was tragically burned down, meaning the border town was left without a grocery store in the height of COVID restrictions.

The quintet is excited to welcome their local community in their cosy space, while also leaving a positive community footprint.

Australian manufacturing has great strengths in playing an increasing role in building a resilient food and beverage sector. In the face of supply chain disruptions, the ladies at Flock explored local options.

Keen to promote local businesses, they reached out to us expressing their interest in our locally manufactured packaging products. It was a joy to work with them on their custom printed paper cups and lids and food containers.

Flock is a physical reminder to Mungindi locals and neighbouring communities that through all the tough times, together, they’ve got this. Each coffee is more than just a product; It’s about connection and togetherness.

By choosing locally made products, Australian consumers can not only support our economy, but also reduce transportation to a local level, and help improve recovery rates and develop our own recycling industry.

Made from sustainably sourced paper, Castaway cups are manufactured in our own facilities right here in Australia, and are recyclable within existing collection streams.