Aqua Cell® Meat Trays – IGA unveils “fresh new look” in the Meat Department
Posted: 31 May 2018

Several IGA Supermarkets throughout Australia are now trialling the new Castaway® recyclable plastic meat trays. Made from recycled bottles, they represent a new innovation for sustainable packaging. Look out for them on the shelves!

Aqua Cell® trays provide an environmentally-friendly viable alternative to the non-recyclable polystyrene (foam) trays that are currently used extensively throughout Australia.

Millions of polystyrene foam trays are sent to landfill each year, with severely limited options for resource recovery and recycling. Up until now, there hasn’t been a comparable alternative to the polystyrene foam tray that can fit into existing recycling streams.

Atherton Supa IGA Meat Department Manager Mick Irving and Store Manager Tim Oliver display the innovative Aqua Cell® trays which replace the old foam trays and prevent liquid spillage from the trays. Image source: The Tablelander (Tuesday 22nd May, 2018)

Determined to make sustainable shopping a norm, Atherton Supa IGA has adopted the new Aqua Cell® trays which are designed to prevent liquid spillage, as an alternative to foam trays. Pictured is Meat Department Manager Mick Irving and Store Manager Tim Oliver.  Image source: Narelle Vidler

To ensure that consumers are educated about the trays, Castaway® has provided in-store promotional material to communicate the recyclability and appropriate disposal.

NEW Aqua Cell® Meat Trays are made from 100% recycled material and are accepted by nearly every kerbside recycling scheme in Australia. Unlike foam trays, they are made from a minimum of 60% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable after use.

Recycling the trays is easy. The user simply rinses the tray under the tap and places in the recycling bin, as with most other recyclable packaging. The trays significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill each year.

Designed to fit into Australia’s existing recycling streams, customers can be assured that the trays are able to be recycled. The recyclable meat trays provide a sustainable alternative to foam trays and are part of our ongoing commitment to provide sustainable and local packaging solutions for our customers.

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