Cafe Collection

Brown kraft food packs have a natural
appearance, and feature clear windows to
entice customers to try your creations.
They are ideal for cafés and convenience
stores who want an easy grab ‘n’ go
solution for their takeaway food menu.

Fuzione® Food Trays & Lids

Fuzione® food trays and lids give you the
versatility to package a wide range of menu items,
without compromising on presentation. The tray
and lid has been specially designed to utilise the
maximum amount of surface area to showcase
your fresh food in the best way possible.

Multi-Food Pots

Multi-food pots are designed to
maximise visibility of tasty, fresh food
with wide, low-profile bases and clear
lids. Ideal for cold foods such as
pastas and salads for lunch menu
items or dinner sides.

Savori™ Hot Pots & Lids

Savori™ hot pots & lids provide good
insulation for various hot food menu items,
keeping them warmer for longer. The
textured outer wrap makes the pot safe to
carry and hold with hot contents inside.

'Let's Do Lunch' Platters

Colpac® platters provide multiple options
and flexibility for different menu items in
the one box design. With a choice of ¼, ½
or full tray inserts, adding variety to your
catering menu selection is easy.

Vizione® Platters

Vizione® platters offer a premium look and
enhanced visibility for your food creations.
Whether it’s a business function or a casual
party, your customers will be impressed
with a platter that serves in style.

Build your brand with custom prints

Colpac® products can be custom printed with
your brand and marketing design to attract
customers and build your brand. Contact us to
arrange a free packaging consultation with one
of our Technical Sales Managers here.