Eco-Smart® Biodegrading Technology

Our Eco-Smart® additive allows plastic to biodegrade* through a series of chemical and biological processes, when introduced to a microbe-rich environment such as a biologically active modern landfill.

Eco-Smart® accelerates the biodegradation of treated plastics by attracting microbes – microscopic organisms vital to the earth’s ecosystem.

These microbes colonise on the surface of the plastic where they secrete acids that break down the polymer chain, allowing them to utilise the carbon backbone of the chain as an energy source.

The difference between Eco-Smart® treated plastic and traditional plastic is that Eco-Smart® creates an opportunity for microbes to use plastic as food.

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*Eco-Smart® polypropylene cups have been shown to biodegrade 12.9% after 202 days; Eco-Smart® lids, plates, bowls & cutlery have been shown to biodegrade 24% after 216 days; Eco-Smart® Foam cups have been shown to biodegrade 28.85% after 80 days; Eco-Smart® P.E.T containers have been shown to biodegrade 14.5% after 202 days, under conditions that simulate a wetter biologically active landfill, using the ASTM D5511 standard test. Note that a stated rate of degradation does not mean the product will continue to decompose. Testing continues on all Eco-Smart® products to track the rate of biodegradation. All data will be made available on our website: